Would You Consider These Top Attractions of Pakistan as Best or Boring?

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Would You Consider These Top Attractions of Pakistan as Best or Boring?

Pakistan is never on our vacation wish-list when it comes to exploring mother nature or spending a relaxing vacation but over the years, many attractions and tourist spots of Pakistan have been revealed.  

The breath-taking combination of sparkling fresh water and unbelievable views has changed the perception of many who used to associate Pakistan with ‘vacation nightmares’.

This article will cover off all the beautiful and top-rated attractions of our beloved country Pakistan but the catch is, you have to rate them as best or boring.

Tango Towers

You must have seen this unrealistic scenery of rocks on either Instagram or your laptop’s screensaver but let us spoil this for you; Tango Towers are located in the district of Gilgit-Baltistan, in the North of Pakistan.

These undeniably beautiful family of rocks offer the most challenging rock-climbing and hiking but the question remains, would you tick it as best or boring?

Shalimar Gardens

The Shalimar Gardens is a Mughal garden complex in the heart of Lahore. This well-maintained and magnetic spot is a part of the Mughal Era and was constructed in a record time of 1 year in 1642.

This place highlights soothing atmosphere for nature lovers and often tourists consider their bucket-list incomplete if they miss a stroll at the Shalimar Gardens. Does this sound best or boring to you?


It is impossible not to fall in love with the views of Lake Saif ul Malook, crystal blue waters layered with vibrant fishing boats and incredible sunsets. Would you consider it best or boring to meet and greet the Lake Saif-ul-Malook in its frozen glory?

Rawal Lake

The gorgeous turquoise spot for picnics, boating, wildlife reviewing and breathtaking views of Margalla and Murree Hills, you name it. Rawal Lake is a magnetic place for every gender and every age group, giving you numerous options to engage in outdoor activities. Would you rate it as best or boring?

Katas Raj Temple

Katas Raj Temple shows the perfect blend of medieval sanctuaries and lush green land. These seven temples in total add an interesting veneer to this famous religious site for Hindus. Would you call exploring it best or boring?

These flat-out unique attractions of Pakistan would either make your vacations best or boring since you’re the one hitting or passing these spots. Do not forget to share your results!


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