The Suicidal Society

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The society we breathe in has been killing itself in continuation; history has always witnessed the suicidal notes in the form of inequality, extremism, injustice, casual racism, body shaming, character assassination and what not. We as a society have failed to set up the milieu that is suitable for the generations to come.

You hear body shaming jokes in nearly every conversation like Aur Motay, Aur Ganjay, Bhens jesi, Wo Tou Bilkul Tinkey Jesi hai. These words and a hundred more we hear every day and don’t even bother now.

Extremism, on the other hand, has become our National duty. If you are liberal, you can’t stand a person who is on the religious side, same is the case on the hand where if you are on the religious side you will not stand the person who talks idol of the liberal mindset.

Casual racism has also helped us in hurting our roots as a society and commit another suicide, the racist remarks are so common that we seem to be comfortable with them now, calling someone kala, gora, daggay gaon walay has become a routine for us. If we sit and think about it there is nothing worse than hurting someone because of the way they look, communicate or live.

We do not settle on small things, we go beyond and take extra steps to be impolite and make people feel miserable.  The prevailing injustice and inequality in society is so common that it starts soon after a child is born, as he/ she grows, sees their parents and elders practicing it, it becomes customary for them.

This all can be stopped through the better nurturing of the society on ethical and moral levels. The process may take time but it will have positive results in the long run.




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