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In the age of 2020, YouTube has become a great influential platform. People who call themselves as You Tubers, rule the trends among the youth. Pakistan also has extremely talented individuals who are popular among the Pakistani youth and have chosen YouTube as their career.

It is said that YouTube has more than 2 billion users. This means that YouTube is a big market and a lot of people follow its trends. So, You Tubers have a big impact on their viewers and massively influence their mindset and way of living.

  Pakistani youtubers


Following is the list of some of the Pakistani You Tubers who are ruling the trends among the Pakistani youth: –

TAIMOOR SALAHUDDIN AKA MOOROO   Mooroo - pakistani youtuber

Taimoor Salahuddin, commonly known by his YouTube name, MOOROO, is one of the best among Pakistani You Tubers. Mooroo started his career as a singer, musician, and music director. Mooroo was largely unnoticed until the release of his single TASVEER.

Mooroo with his YouTube career has become the most favourite influencer among the Pakistani youth. Noted for his extra-ordinary quality content and the level of videography and cinematics. He has been making content that consists of vlogs, comedy, melody, and storytelling for years and if you watch even one of his videos, you will admit that he is genuinely one of the best content creators of Pakistan. The level of videography, a little touch of comedy, and his way of storytelling capture the attention of the audience throughout the video. We wish that Mooroo bhai would reach 1 million subscribers soon. Inshallah…

CHANNEL LINK: Youtube industry


IRFAN JUNEJO   Irfan junejo - Best youtuber in Pakistan

“HAN BHAI! TO SCENZ KUCH AISE HAI” that Irfan Junejo is one of the most popular Pakistani personalities on YouTube. Known for his brilliant photography skills, unbelievable drone shots, and cinematics. He currently has more than 900k subscribers. Although, in February, he announced that he is leaving YouTube because of anxiety and self-esteem issues but still he managed to have close to a million subscribers.


Most subscriber youtube pakistan


JUNAID AKRAM Junaid Akram - Best Pakistani Youtuber

With his channel tag “KHALI KARAO”, Junaid Akram is regarded as a senior in the YouTube industry. He calls himself “GANJI SWAG’ in his videos because of his proud baldness. His videos are comedy in nature in which he discusses and criticizes social issues of the Pakistani society.

He started his YouTube channel in the year 2006 when YouTube was not a popular thing in Pakistan. He has a vast experience in the field and has the ambition to change the way of thinking of Pakistani society.


Best youtuber in pakistan  



Daniyal Sheikh - Travel vlogger in pakistan

Daniyal Sheikh is a popular Pakistani You Tuber and a member and co-founder of Karachi Vynz. He, with Mansoor Qureshi, founded Karachi vynz in 2014. He also has his own YouTube channel by his name where he makes videos in which he discusses everyday issues of our society. He is also a food lover so he also introduces different places within the city of Karachi which serves extra-ordinary taste.


CHANNEL LINK: vlogger in pakistan  

CHANNEL LINK: Vynz - Pakistani Yotuber group


MUHAMMAD KASHANMuhammad Kashan - Pakistani top youtuber

Muhammad Kashan is known as CONNECT.KASHAN on YouTube and also a member of one of the most popular YouTube channels in Pakistan THE IDIOTZ. Along with Hammad Abbasi and Faisal Iqbal in 2010, he started a Facebook page with the name 3 IDIOTS HAMMAD KASHAN FAISAL. Later it was also started on YouTube.

In many of their videos, Kashan played the role of Amir Liaquat which was largely liked by the audience.


CHANNEL LINK: Pakistani Vlogger


CHANNEL LINK: - Best Yotube Videos in pakistan


FAIZA SALEEMFaiza Saleem - top women Youtuber in pakisatn

Pakistani women are said to be living a miserable life but that’s not a true dude! Women in Pakistan are working side by side with men and are also doing well on YouTube. Faiza Saleem is one of those women who are portraying a positive image of Pakistani women.

She usually makes videos concerning comedy and also social issues and was also nominated for the PISA awards. She has about 129k subscribers and doing quite well on the platform of YouTube.


women youtuber in pakistan



DUCKY BHAI - Best youtube cahannel

Ducky Bhai is a Pakistani You Tuber who is famous because of his humorous nature and roasting others. Roasting is Ducky’s area of expertise. He also won the 1st PISA awards 2020 nominated for the best Pakistani You tuber under the social media category.

Ducky Bhai is also a pro gamer and also displays his pro gaming skills in many videos. He is currently on the way of reaching 2 million followers.




RAZA SAMO - Top Pakistani youtuber

Raza Samo is a Pakistani YouTube comedian and roaster. He has a nice humorous nature and talks on trending topics on YouTube. He belonged to the city of Larkana to a Sindhi family and has developed from a very low point.

Today he has more than 1.3 million subscribers and is largely followed and discussed among Pakistan’s youth.  

CHANNEL LINK:  AWESAMO youtube channel



Mansoor qureshi - best vlogger in pakistan

Mansoor Qureshi, known by his nickname MAANI BHAI, is a member and co-founder of one of the most popular YouTube channels of Pakistan KARACHI VYNZ. MAANI BHAI in 2014, along with Daniyal Sheikh and some other university friends, started a Facebook page named Karachi Vynz. After gaining popularity ton Facebook, Karachi Vynz also started their YouTube channel which similarly well-liked as that on Facebook.

Today, after 6 years of hard work, Karachi Vynz has reached more than 900k subscribers on YouTube. MAANI BHAI also runs his own YouTube channel in which he also has 130k+ subscribers.

 CHANNEL LINK: top Youtube channels


CHANNEL LINK:  karachi vynz Best vynz channel youtube



  Pakistani Women on youtube

Another Pakistani woman on YouTube, Fatima Irfan Sheikh AKA Glossips, running a beauty and make-up guide channel. Maintain beauty is an essential element for ladies and this You Tuber guide them. She guides them about new beauty tips.

She has 350k+ subscribers on her YouTube channel which shows that Pakistani women are largely interested in maintaining their appearances.

CHANNEL LINK:  women youtuber in pakistan




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