Motorcyclist Rosie Gabrielle explored every corner of Pakistan

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Travelling solo, especially in a foreign country is the most toughest task for every other person but some people don’t let anxiety and fear to stop them from travelling around the world.

A Canadian solo female traveler and Youtuber Rosie Gabrielle visted Pakistan has almost explored every corner of Pakistan. She seems to fall in love with Pakistan like her own motherland.

The motorcyclist Rosie Gabrielle quit her job two years ago only to live her dream of riding a motorcycle solo across the world. Afterwards, In December 2018, Rosie Gabrielle landed in Pakistan and shared her personal experience and the true heart of Pakistan. She wrote, “I have witnessed the most sincere and deepest kindness and generosity from the local people. Respectful, honourable, gracious individuals, who have no intentions other than to serve others and to treat everyone as family and as one.”

A day earlier, Youtuber Rosie took to her Instagram account where she opened up about her travel journey to Pakistan, “10 months, 10,000 km and 4 regions across Pakistan (hoping to complete 5 by the end Kashmir) I can easily say that, without a doubt, Pakistan is truly a GEM of a country and the people are the precious treasures which shine so bright and are awaiting to be discovered.”

She is currently enjoying Pakistani traditional cuisines and also overwhelmed by the love she has received from Pakistani people.

Rosie Gabrielle has visited the beautiful places like Wazir Khan Masjid in Lahore, the Lahore Fort, Faisal Masjid in Islamabad and the Tomb of Rukn-e-Alam in Multan.

She has also shared her pictures of Bullah Shah Tomb, Kasur and wrote positive views about Islam and Pakistani people, “My heart hurt. Deeply. Knowing that this world, has such a negative view on Muslim people and of Pakistan. They have NO idea what Islam is actually about or the true heart of these people. That THEY are the ones terrorizing these peaceful souls. If they only knew that Muslims, and Pakistani people, are model citizens for the entire WORLD. For whole humanity,that Islam is peace and LOVE. And I, travelling as a solo female here in Pakistan, have only received the highest of care and attention, from all people.”

Most of the people asked Rosie that Where are all the women in your content? So she decided to open up about cultural sensitivities of Pakistani women in one of her Instagram posts, “Pakistani women that it’s not culturally acceptable for women to be interacting with men outside of the family. But it’s not like I never see ANY women, I actually meet a lot of really incredible females when on the road. However, because of their cultural sensitivities, often times I cannot publicly share our encounters, as they prefer to stay private, and I respect that.”

Even though, Rosie had also celebrated Pakistan’s 73rd Independence day by creating a very special VIDEO on this occasion.

A canadian traveller has labelled Pakistan as “The country of Peace and Love” and wrote, “Everyone told me it was too dangerous to come to Pakistan as a single female, let alone ride a motorcycle across the country. Now 1,500kms into my tour, I can tell you firsthand what it’s like to travel Pakistan as a solo female and what I’ve experienced so far,”

Rosie has also shared diverse culture of Pakistan with the world by wearing traditional dresses that are crafted by women of the Thar desert who worked diligently to create these elaborate pieces of art.

At the end, like many other travellers, Rosie can’t get enough of hospitality in Pakistan and termed it “a beautiful example of love and kindness.”




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