Governor Sindh shares “Real Story” about Karachi cleaning Drains water.

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The federal government has sponsored the initiative to clean all three main nullahs, including Mehmoodabad, Gujjar, and Orangi , according to Sindh Governor Imran Ismail.

The federal government has already authorized funding for the payment of Rs 15,000 per month rent to the victims of the anti-encroachment drive along these drains for a year, according to Sindh Governor Imran Ismail.

Imran Ismail tweets,

2. Rent for affectees for one year @ rate of Rs 15000/ per household per month has already been paid by Fed govt / NDMA to GoS/KMC. GoS & KMC r responsible to make payments in time. Despite timely payments to GoS/ KMC some families have not been paid on 1 pretext or the other.

3. Sufficient funds have been paid by Fed Gov/ NDMA to GoS/ KMC 4 removal of encroachments. However removal is very slow resultantly in such areas difficulty is being faced in accessing & cleaning of Nullahs. GoS & KMC should ensure removal of encroachments without further delay

4. While Fed Gov/NDMA is cleaning & revamping these three Nullahs, GoS took responsibility to clean remaining 41 KMC & 510 DMC Nullahs. KMC & DMC Nullahs are awaiting cleaning.

5. Effort for cleaning of Nullahs is going to fail unless GoS finds a solution to solid waste.


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