FOMO- Fear of Missing out

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Throughout history, we have seen people turning from one thing to another. We have seen the time when having an email ID was a big thing, then there came a time when people would go to Yahoo chat rooms and write their heart out. The Orkut era had an impact on people when people would compete on the number of scraps, other highlights were My space and AOL.

The rise of social media brought so many fortunes with it, for instance, people are earning in millions through it, connecting with friends and family have also been the highlight of social media, but it has its flaws as well, the current generation is suffering from FOMO, fear of missing out due to which an individual would go any far to be updated with current trends in order to stay relevant in the society. It also brings a sense of insecurity when an individual is exposed to the colorful life of people.

The social media effect is so intense it keeps you sinking. If you are breathing in this era you can’t live without being active on social media or at least have an existence on some platform. People these days would do anything to get attention and the rise of Instagram has increased this at a rapid pace. The race of likes and comments is unstoppable now, the criteria of judging people have gone this low in today’s world if someone hasn’t got enough likes or comments, they become socially awkward and couldn’t compete among others.

The use of social media isn’t harmful until it crosses the thin line between obsession and passion.


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