Five Home Extension Ideas to Increase Space and add Value to Your Property

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When moving is not an option, add an extension to your home to create the extra space you need, instead of opting to purchase property. Extensions can be designed in several ways and can serve as anything from kitchen to porch. The only limitations to building an extension are budget and ideas. Extending your home is a perfect way to increase space and add value to your property. It can transform how you live in your home, without moving to a new property. To help you increase space and add value to your property, we have pulled five home extension ideas you need to know. Real estate dealers often use these ideas to improve the property’s value.

Kitchen Extension

Kitchen extensions are mostly away from the main entrance and towards the rear side of the house. It may also feature glass folding doors that allow easy access to the garden for outdoor dining. Kitchen islands and Breakfast tables and are features commonly seen in kitchen extensions. Open kitchen by creating a room extension will not only give you more room to cook but to dine and entertain as well.

Living Room Extension

Living room extensions can be designed in several ways. Add an extension with glass walls; your living room could have both an indoor as well as an outdoor vibe. Either you can use house extension to enlarge your existing living room or you could use this to create a separate second living room. This room extension can also act as a small room or lounge area.

Garage Extension

Adding a garage to your home is a good idea. It will not only provide you with a safe space to store your car but give you a little more living space in your home and boost the value of your property.

Home Office Extension

Home office extension makes working at home even more enjoyable. Renovating an existing room and extending it by adding large, bay windows, a comfortable seating area, and floor to ceiling bookshelves provide privacy with plenty of space.

Porch Extension

A porch is a type of home extension that has a roof but may or may not have walls. Porches are usually built as an extension to the front of the house, but some people prefer behind the house. The only limitations to porch extensions are budget and style preferences. A porch enhances your home’s curb appeal and adds to its market value.

A home extension is an extremely effective way to make the most of your living space and add value to your property. Whether you are thinking of a kitchen extension, living room extension, home office extension, garage extension or porch extension, it must be built with a purpose in mind or it will become a junkyard.


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