Family’s pressure forces boy to commit suicide

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Parents pray for their child to become successful in this world by securing good grades and they also set up goals for their child to achieve. But unfortunately, they forget about their child’s mental health. One has to make it clear that every child has its own capabilities and no one has right to compare him with any child’s IQ level. Consequently, when parents pressurize their children to attain good grades then excessive pressure on mind may lead the child to end his life. In Pakistan, suicide cases are on the rise and becoming common day by day owing to family’s pressure.

Recently, a tragic news of a young boy committed suicide comes to light who have left a suicide note asking forgiveness to his parents.

A young boy’s body floating in the river was retrieved by a rescued team. While, his bag, shoes and a heart-wrenching suicide note was found from nearby.

He addressed to his parents in a suicide note, saying that “My dear father and mother, forgive me. My result is very poor. Due to which I won’t have respect. But I tried my best to secure a good result. Just forgive me. Allah Hafiz.”

A boy also wrote a contact number and requested the one who have read this note to inform his family that ‘he is here.’

These all pictures began to make rounds on social media and people just couldn’t stop saying that this needs to end at any cost.


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