DHA Lahore

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The city of Lahore incorporates all the distinguished characters of a desi-culture and a typical city-life. It is known for being a fusion of charms, vibrancy, festivals, tradition and life. This city accommodates the beauty to melt away any wanderer’s heart, for there is a reason behind the saying, ‘If you haven’t seen Lahore, you have not been born’.

Over the course of its intriguing history, it has gone through huge developments and transitions. DHA Lahore housing scheme is one of its many enchantments. As it holds a whole new level of infrastructure and architecture to make life fun yet tranquil.

Defence Housing Authority promises to facilitate the residents of Lahore more aptly. The idea behind this project was to store a peaceful environment for people from walks of life. To fulfill that promise both residential and commercial projects along with other needy facilities are available for its inhabitants or even for owners of Plots in DHA Lahore. With the guarantee of a contemporary lifestyle, DHA Lahore offers all fundamental amenities that include Ease of commute, Schools, security, shopping spots, hospitals, and outdoor activities. 


  • Ease of commute:Transport is a very important asset in this era, you have to be fast and you have to be on time and you need to commute for this. Previously, DHA residents had very limited access to public transport that used to be a troublesome thing for them. But with the fast development, the can now make most of the easily-accessible cab-sharing services. So if you are thinking to buy a Residential Property in DHA Lahore then go for it.

    Additionally, there are more options available for traveling in and out him of the scheme. For instance, the Daewoo Bus Service was launched in 2015 and they later started local bus service to function within the DHA area. Whereas, DHA Coaster Shuttle Service also operates within the scheme. It aims to make transportation easy and cheap.


  • Schools:
    The scheme is home to several good schools. The area proffers various educational institutions which offer international-level education and the actual highlight of the region is the prestigious Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and the Suleman Dawood School of Business within LUMS. It is a rare convenience that an area proposes a good school, that too with a well-off education system. Additionally, a few of the most famous schools in DHA Lahore include Roots Millennium School, Lahore Grammar School, and Allied School.


  • Markets:
    DHA Lahore has it all from local shops to supermarkets and from local products to branded products. It even covers the shopping necessary of your family from local designers to international brands. The markets of Y-block and H-block are most popular for these necessities while Block-T is popular for cafes and salons.

    Owning a Property in DHA Lahore brings all sorts of opportunities and necessities of a successful lifestyle. In addition, it also amalgamates a few prestigious malls as well.


  • Medical Institutions:
    We often consider medical institutions much while buying a house or property, but it holds equal value and we realize this when we are face to face with an actual emergency. DHA Lahore provides the best Medical institutions to assist you whenever you need them. These institutions are top-quality and hygienic with an eco-friendly environment.


  • Restaurants:

    Lastly, it contains several fascinating restaurants that offer different cuisines. A few of the popular Japanese and Chinese restaurants are Wasabi, Yum Chinese and Thai, and Sumo while for local preference they have Bundu Khan and Dampukht Kada as the most famous eateries. Hereby, checkout Properties for sale in DHA Lahore and take advantage of these facilities.



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