American blogger Dear Alyne falls in love with Pakistan’s tourist spots

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Pakistan is considered as one of the friendliest countries on earth where every year millions of foreigners travel to explore beauty of nature. In fact, the British Backpacker Society has ranked Pakistan among world’s top travel destinations for 2018. Hence, it has become more popular among the world due to breathtaking tourist spots and historic places that make them fall in love with Pakistan all over again.

In past most of the foreign travel bloggers have discovered mesmerizing spots of Pakistan despite all traumatic incidents in Pakistan. Recently, an American content creator and travel blogger Alyne Tamir known as Dear Alyne who has visited over 70 countries has stepped her feet in Pakistan.

A month before coming to Pakistan, Alyne got her visa and revealed on her Instagram account, “1 year ago I tried to apply for a visa to Pakistan – I thought it would be easy, because for me as an American passport holder, it always was,” adding that, I’m happy to say 1.5 years later I finally got my visa to Pakistan, See you Oct 6 – Karachi Lahore Islamabad and the MOUNTAINSSSS.”

Dear Alyne was invited to visit Pakistan by a group vloggers named as Karachi Vynz.

Upon her arrival in Karachi on Oct 6, Karachi vynz and KSBL hosted a meet and greet event to welcome the international vlogger Alynea where she interacted with all her fans and followers. Besides, they gifted her aesthetic sketches and cultural items such as Sindhi Ajrak, intricately designed coat and many other endearing presents.

Apart from travelling and blogging, Alyne is also famous for her online group named Girls Gone Global, a platform where western and European women can easily share their feelings and opinions confidently. She had also discussed some of the problems that women are facing in Pakistan during her visit to Karachi.

During her tour to Karachi, Alyne said Goodbye to her boring clothes and hello to Pakistani style. Wearing Pakistani traditional outfit, she wrote, “I heard I have Pakistani features so I’m blending right in. ALSO I packed only 1 shirt and 1 pants, and I’m happy I did because the clothes here are WAY BETTER! Goodbye to my boring clothes, hello to Pakistani style!”

Alyne worn traditional Balochi dress and shared her picture while posing with a door of a local bus, saying that, “Hello, it’s me, your local Karachi Bus Driver – coming to pick you up IN STYLE, Taking this photo was a cultural experience, including trying to cross a highway with no crosswalk, panicking, and staying in the middle for 10 minutes wondering if I’d have to live in the middle of a highway for the rest of my life (almost RIP Alyne),” she also thanked Karachi for ‘great DAY 2’ in Pakistan.

After spending few days in Karachi, Alyne flew to Lahore where she shared another picture with Pakistani soldiers at the Wagah border- India Pakistan Border.

Then she travelled towards Gilgit-Baltistan “Land of Mountains”

Alyne shared another picture donning a traditional outfit in the middle of Sweet tooth Lake Attabad, termed it as a ‘Switzerland of Asia’

A day earlier, American content creator has shared a picture of a bridge in Passu Village, Gilgit Baltistan with a caption, “World’s most dangerous bridge ft,” adding that, this bridge connects a small village with the mainland – one wrong step and you’re in the river. Meanwhile, she also advised people to not do anything that is unsafe for you.

It is pertinent to mention here that in past many renowned travel bloggers and content creators like Eva Zu Beck, Drew Binsky, Rosie Gabrielle, Alexander have payed visit to Pakistan and fell in love with the love and hospitality they received here.


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