5 Sher Sisters make history in CSS exams

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Pakistan, a male dominant society, where it’s quite difficult for a woman to conquer her goals or make her parents and country proud but Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Sher sisters have proved the world that daughters are strength and blessing for their parents instead of a burden and now five of the sisters emerged as the most talented and incredible daughters who have set a record in the history of the Civil Superior Services (CSS) examination.

In fact, Central Superior Service (CSS) Exam is considered as one of the toughest tests in Pakistan and only few are able to pass it successfully. This year, only 2.56% managed to pass CSS. About 23, 403 candidates applied for CSS competitive examination 2019, of the 14,521 that appeared. But, only 372 passed the written exam and Zoha Malik Sher was one of the lucky ones.

Carrying the family tradition, Malik is the fifth Sher sister who has passed CSS exam successfully. Amongst a total 372 candidates, Malik secured 139th spot and has made history in CSS exam.

It’s pertinent to mention here that four of the Sher sisters have already set unique record by clearing CSS (Top competitive exam) and are already serving in various government departments. While, all the five sisters completed their Primary education from Presentation Convent High School in Rawalpindi.

The eldest sister Laila (2008), Shireen (2010), Sassi and Marvi (2017) and now Zoha- 2019 all are the true pride of Pakistan.


Zoha Malik, a daughter of a retired Wapda employee, said in a recent interview that “I am feeling blessed and my father showed that having daughters was not a weakness but strength.”

“The news of my birth was broken to my father like it was some sort of catastrophe that had struck the family because everyone in my extended relatives were expecting the birth of a son,” Zoha Malik said, adding that, “People sympathized with my father, but my father never felt bad and today we have proved them wrong and now we represent the whole Pakistan.”

Following the footsteps of her elder sisters, Malik wished to Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS), “My dream is to serve Pakistan by holding an administrative position.”


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